In 1991, Ashur Aghasi used his life savings to open a small bakery committed to the flavors and hand-crafted quality of his childhood. Cookie by cookie, lavash by lavash, people came to love these new, old-world baked goods. Ashur’s products were simply … better. For more than 20 years, Ashur was the neighborhood baker for his loyal customers. 

Today, our products can be found in local markets and national chains throughout the country as we continue to create goods that will have you love what you eat.


At THE BETTER BAKING COMPANY TM, we believe in LOVING what you eat.

An inventive experience.

Whether it’s the perfect cookie to accompany your afternoon coffee, or an awesome lavash wrap – you will LOVE every bite!

Healthier options.

No trans-fat. Non-GMO. 100% Natural ingredients.

And always fresh!

No compromise on quality.

We are foodies who use only the best, all natural ingredients and believe you should only eat something worth eating.

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