Our cakes are sure to bring a sense of joy to any household. Unlike many companies that manufacture their products, we make it our statement to prepare each and every cake with a sense of love and always by hand. Through lots of work and care we are able to produce rich, fluffy, delicate, mouth-watering cakes that are baked to perfection. Cakes that we know your friends and family will love.


Babka is known to originate from those of central and Eastern European decent. Translated in Russian/Bulgarian, Babka quite literally means grandmother. This applies beautifully to the pastry itself being that it transports all that taste it back to their grandmother’s kitchen. Here at Better Baking Company it is our mission to use fresh ingredients in order to produce the delicious and homemade feel of our products.

NOTE: Universal (UN) and Asal-banoo (AS)

Vanilla Cake
24 oz (AS-1727)
Raisin Cake
24 oz (AS-1726)
Walnut Cake
24 oz (AS-1725)
Lemon Cake
24 oz (AS-1746)
Orange Cake
24 oz (AS-1728)
Marble Cake
24 oz (AS-1729)
Yazdi Cake
24 oz (AS-1720)
Chocolate Cake
24 oz (AS-1730)
Apple Sliced Cake
18 oz (AS-1740)
Chocolate Sliced Cake
18 oz (AS-1743)
Chocolate Chip Sliced Cake
18 oz (AS-1735)
Lemon Sliced Cake
18 oz (AS-1738)
Marble Sliced Cake
18 oz (AS-1737)
Orange Sliced Cake
18 oz (AS-1739)
Rasin Sliced Cake
18 oz (AS-1742)
Vanilla Sliced Cake
18 oz (AS-1736)
Walnut Sliced Cake
18 oz (AS-1741)
Almond Coffee Cake
18 oz (UN-220020)
Chocolate Coffee Cake
18 oz (UN-220030)
Poppy Seed Coffee Cake
18 oz (UN-220040)
Babka Poppy Seed
18 oz (UN-220015)
Babka Chocolate
18 oz (UN-220000)
Yazdi Mini Cup Cake
13 oz (AS-1734)
Vanilla Mini Cup Cake
13 oz (AS-1733)
Cup Cake
22 oz (1411)
Baklava Small
12 oz (1404)
Baklava Large
24 oz (1402)
12 oz (1426)

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