Braided, seasoned with sesame, and baked. Challah is a decadent traditional Jewish bread loaf that is made here at our honest bakery. We have always strived to be a dairy free, kosher bakery and it can be assumed we have achieved that through our quality products such as this:

Challah Rolls

Similar is excellence to the normal challah, the only difference would be in size. With a lush interior this pillow-like bread is as much a pleasure to gaze at as it is to indulge in. Ideal for any celebration, from Rosh Hashanah to Sunday Supper, our delectable challah rolls should be in everyone’s repertoire.

NOTE: Universal (UN) and Asal-banoo (AS)

Egg Bread
13 oz (UN-290030)
Challah Rolls 6 Pk
13 oz (UN-290070)
Egg Challah
13 oz (UN-280030)
Sliced Egg Challah
13 oz (UN-280040)
Long Challah
13 oz (UN-280100)
Twist Rolls
12 oz (UN-290120)
Kiddush 2 Pk
13 oz (UN-280080)
Hamburger Buns 8 Pk
13 oz (UN-290080)
Persian Bulkie 4 Pk
16 oz (UN-290040)
Half Bagguette
12 oz (UN-11050)
Gourment Dinner Rolls
18 oz (UN-280031)
10 oz (UN-290020)
Onion Bialys
10 oz (UN-290010)

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